Our Managing Partner Tanja Bogdanov was invited to Kopaonik Business Forum by Serbian Commissioner for the Protection of Equality as key speaker and an example of good practice of the business sector at the most important annual business gathering where the agenda “SERBIA 2030” was launched for the first time.


“I am happy to share this stage today, as much as I am blown away by the unanimous concern about talent shortage and retention difficulty in all imaginable industries. I truly believe it is necessary to work hard on improving the measures of active employment policies, which are necessary to empower social entrepreneurship and as a consequence reduce economic inequality.


The so-called “Talent Paradox” is apparently stronger than ever – while the market is in constant and relentless war for talent, new hires seem to lack critical skills needed to support the transformation of the existing business model that we’re all witnessing.


Vekol Business Academy is our response to the needs of the labor market in the rapidly changing business tourism industry, which the existing education system cannot support, especially bearing in mind that a new wave of digital innovations is yet to come”, concluded Tanja Bogdanov.


From spectacular high-profile projects to all-green business gatherings – VEKOL BUSINESS ACADEMY offers you a pool of skills to make your event steal the show! This is a cost-effective way to maximize the final output while maintaining full financial and creative control of your event.


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