Vekol DMC, VICEROY and MUNDUS Join Forces to Bring the Best UK Agents to Serbia

“Discovery of a lifetime”. Co-hosting the ski-opening FAM trip for UK market together with Viceroy Kopaonik – displaying Belgrade as the cosmo city under development, up-and-coming to WOW the UK market with an incredible diversity of happenings – was truly a fun overload, as to wrap-up the festive season in a big way and make room for a shower of experiences that are about to come in 2022! Amazing Andre Van Der Bijl and MUNDUS team hand-picked some of the finest representatives of UK MICE and entrusted what happened to be the most joyful crowd in our hands.
Although Belgrade “doesn’t claim to be particularly elegant and is way better in flesh than it is photogenic”, but rather stands unapologetically rough, raw and real – here’s some photo evidence of how it all went. We owe the most special thanks to our longtime partners and friends for holding our back and as always over-delivering the expectations.
Disclaimer: all photographs are courtesy of our respected clients & partners and were taken during the trip. Feel free to walk down that sweet memory lane!
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