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October 2, 2018
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December 13, 2018
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Hosting Speakers’ Dinner and Nordeus Party for Casual Connect Was No Piece of Cake – but It Was Worth It

You know how restaurant dinners – the norm for visiting speakers – can often feel stuffy and overly formal? You usually can’t hear beyond your immediate neighbors, can’t mingle and can’t linger for post-dinner discussion. This was obviously a no-go for our gaming community, so we reasoned we should give our partners a call, figure out a way to deliver a comfy networking experience to our rather peculiar crew of developers and not have to worry about the usual restaurant constraints. In other words, casual dining for Casual Connect.

Today, Belgrade may be many years behind other European capitals regarding the economic development, but it is literally light years ahead when it comes to nightlife. So for the after party, we rushed the owners of one of Belgrade’s hottest nightclubs to give a go to the pre-opening and inject something extra special in order to give the delegates even more reason to hang around after. Result? Full house.