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Keeping Up with Indian Pace in Belgrade!

Many cities have been crowned ‘Europe’s coolest kid from the block’ – from hipster fave Berlin, to everyone’s darling Dubrovnik; but if you, however, want to explore the next must-visit before anyone else does, you need to get away from this hype and open your mind for new stuff.

This is what Yogesh and Suchna Shah – a Mumbai based couple who travel their way through life – told us when we picked them at the airport in Belgrade. Not only are these adorable guys world travelers and radio hosts at the only English radio station in Mumbai, but they also somehow manage to run their own travel consultancy. Advising people on customized holidays that go beyond worn-out tourist spots and beaten tracks is their thing.

We met Yogi and Such this June and unanimously decided that these fellows are going to be our next favorite business partners. Operating from exotic India, Yogi and Such let their names travel to their audience through WoM and media write-ups “now and then”.

“Last month we crossed South East Europe lengthwise and crosswise searching for that ‘next big thing’. You know, a unique and exciting yet undiscovered destination that will catch our clients by surprise. So, as soon as I found out that majority of them are completely clueless about Serbia – I knew we were on the trail of something big” Yogi explains us with a bright smile of an ever-restless travel addict.

As Belgrade is shaping up to be the new IT city that’s equal parts grit and glitter, we navigated our new Indian friends through the real charms of our capital. From Blue Train and endless parties to a countryside getaway and foodie abundance.

Or to simply put it in Yogie’s words: Serbia continues to amaze us! Nostalgia galore… Pics of Nehru with Tito and Indira Gandhi in the background. Farm houses that have the best culinary chefs cooking organic food, bars where sundowners are a must, history in every corner, target practice, boutique vineyards, seamless experience and best travel companions! Why do boring when you can do Belgrade?

And we couldn’t agree more.

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