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April 24, 2018
This Is How You Make Scandinavians Happy (Part 2)
May 9, 2018
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This is how you make Scandinavians happy (Part 1)

Ever wondered what truly makes a person Serbian? These lovely people flying in from all over Scandinavia sure did. We all have our little national quirks, funny little competitions and bragging. So what we wanted to have them experiencing during this FAM trip is exactly those things Serbs already know too well – key experiences that sum up a spirit of Serbian people and make one of a kind national ID.

The very first thing to do? Engage everybody in a folk master class and let them learn how the spirit of Serbian people is never still.

Now that they became part of the community, it was time to spice things up! You know what they say: a team that cooks together, stays together. And sometimes, there’s nothing tastier than a crispy slice of toast with some fresh home-made strawberry jam. That’s why we greeted everybody with aprons and a step-by-step cooking guide! The task? Piece of cake: from peeling fresh fruits to delivering a ready-to-use, fully-branded product line! That’s right, we got them out of their comfort zone and let them rediscover and embrace their hidden and long forgotten talents. And let us tell you – these ladies did an awesome job.

To see what our Scandinavian folks did the day after and how we organized them a private fashion show with iconic Serbian couture designer Verica Rakočević, click here.