This is how you make Scandinavians happy (Part 1)
May 8, 2018
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July 24, 2018
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This Is How You Make Scandinavians Happy (Part 2)

After spending one full day at a lovely Serbian farmhouse where they learned how to prepare delicious home made strawberry jam (you can read more about it here), it was time to take our Scandinavian ladies out of nylon aprons and engage them into something more… sophisticated.

Now, we know that Belgrade still needs a lot to catch up with Milan, London or NYC when it comes to high fashion, but did you know that Serbian capital is quickly becoming an international fashion player? From Kate Middleton and Selma Hayek, all the way to Michelle Obama and Melania Trump – more and more world’s showbiz and Hollywood A-listers feel comfortable opting for Serbian designers.

 This is why we hosted a private outdoor catwalk in the middle of the city center and brought our ladies to meet Verica Rakočević – the Big Mama of high fashion and a huge celebrity in Serbia! For western audiences Verica is a proven veteran – she staged fashion shows in Paris, Moscow, Monte Carlo, Dubai, Cuba & LA and styled countless red carpets and editorials. Named “Fashion Designer To Know About” for 2017 by Vogue Italy. 

Verica threw an exclusive runway show, breaking down the noble craft of fashion design, at the same time showcasing timeless Serbian couture along with edgy runs and snug-fit pieces emphasizing a rather playful character of her own. She also revealed her favorite mix & match techniques, how she creates her signature touch and explained to these ladies how they can make actual statements with their style.

For what they said later on, the event inspired them to take fashion risks and think bigger regarding their own fashion choices! Take a look at how they spent their special afternoon.