Who We Bring To The Table

  A Who’s Who of Our Company


People working at DMC Vekol are more than a team of hands-on experts – we stick together as family and this makes all the hard work so much easier and a lot more fun for both us and our clients. We’re a hard-wired squad of strategists, designers, marketing-lovers, copywriters, sales agents, event-producers and… coffee addicts, united in obsession to get you ready and comfy for your Big Day. From tech-savvy Millennials to old-school MICE veterans – our multilingual team always puts a great deal of thought in order to pull off exactly what you need.

Tanja Bogdanov
  Managing Director

Over 20 years in MICE and leisure travel industry and a veteran in this field in Serbia. Started the business from scratch and became known for powerful relations she has built with both clients and suppliers, based on utmost loyalty and trust. In charge of strategic planning and quality management. Key decision maker in the company.

About herself: When things get rough, I’m the one you go to. I don’t like exposure; I’d rather pull the strings from behind. Mom of a 14-year-old Millennial in free time.

Favorite quote: To change the rules, first master them.

Teammates about her: Our boss is better than yours. And we’re not saying that just because all that free cake.

Dejan Bogdanov
General Manager

Bachelor in Commerce by title, businessman by choice. Takes care of everything from customer relations, all the way to fix-up works and other day-to-day stuff. Skilled in design, IT and finance. Represents the company in public. Held accountable for the overall business performance and networking. Front-end technology enthusiast.

About himself: I’m a morning person and  animal lover. When I’m out of office and not running half marathons, rumors say I can be spotted chilling on a boathouse.

Favorite quote: Less is more, keep it simple.

Teammates about him: Dejan is a big cup of friendliness, a knight in shining armor and our squad’s backbone.

Hristina Stojiljković
   Director of Marketing

Highly experienced in digital marketing and brand management. In charge of market research, brand communications, copywriting and strategic positioning. Campaigns and projects from various backgrounds. Professional corporate event host. Fluent in English, Spanish and French. Holds MA degree in Foreign Affairs.

About herself:  Getting comfortable around new people very quickly is my thing. I don’t own a cat, a cat owns me. One day, I’ll live in a beach house.

Favorite quote: Less Monday, more summer, please.

Teammates about her: Never underestimate what’s beneath all that legally blonde attitude on high heels.

Anđelka Kremić
   Sales Manager

Professor of Russian language and literature with 5-year work experience in travel industry. Holds language certificate from Moscow State University and when she’s not closing sales, she’s found doing academic translations, such as the “Anthology of Azerbaijani Contemporary Literature”, published in 2018.

About herself: There’s never enough space for food in my fridge. I’m 26 and still addicted to “Friends”. You can always spot me in some winery in Belgrade. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.

Favorite quote: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Teammates about her: Angie is a surprisingly skilled coffee maker and an absolutely lovable character. 

Slavica Rajlić
   Event Manager

In charge of setting and maintaining timelines and priorities for projects and events, ensuring impeccable service delivery. Highly experienced in event production of all kinds. Project Leader for Davis Cup & Serbia Open (ATP 250) and former Managing Director of the official ITF tournament.

About herself: Keep calm and let me handle everything. I released my inner child out and I’m not putting it back any time soon. Adrenalin junkie, Game of Thrones addict and permanent resident of Belgrade’s nightclubs.

Favorite quote: Keep smiling, keep shining!

Teammates about her: Slavica is your perfect partner in crime with the most contagious smile you’ll ever see.

Ana Nikolić
   Meetings & Events Executive

A  girl of action in a tricky world of event planning. With BSc in Security Studies, she brings the creativity aspect of events to life and instantly becomes every client’s best friend. Ensures visual and conceptual consistency, wraps-up last minute desires and turns events into lifelong memories.

About herself: Hand me everything and please step aside while I do my miracles. If Instagram ever went down I’d probably be running around town shouting “like” at beautiful clothes and funny memes.

Favorite quote: Curiosity never killed the cat.

Teammates about her: Ana’s cheerful attitude and uplifting personality bring all the boys to the yard.

Viktor Bogdanov

Our newest office arrival and a piece of insight into the rising generation Z. Super-connected digital native, obsessed with his iPhone and more comfortable FaceTiming than actually hanging out. Lovable, witty and sharp-minded. Junior state champion in curling. Fluent in English and French. Hard to keep up with.

About himself: Struggle is real when it comes to attending classes with the whole world in my pocket, only one click away. I only order French fries at McDonalds and specialize in moon-walking out of awkward situations. 

Favorite quote: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Teammates about him: Viktor thinks and sounds like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  A wunderteen.