The New Era: Introducing The World’s FIRST Destination Hybrid Company Concept by VEKOL DMC

It’s official: We presented our business transformation and redesign, by announcing brand new business ventures at the very first official corporate event of the congress industry in Serbia since the outbreak of the pandemics!
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For the occasion, we gathered over seventy prominent representatives of the congress, tourism, hospitality, but also healthcare and high fashion industries from Serbia at the sun-kissed rooftop of the Square Nine Hotel. In the presence of a large number of our loyal clients, partners, friends and media representatives, Vekol DMC launched a new selection of products and services, including Vekol STUDIOS – an interactive event studio equipped with the latest technologies for production and broadcasting of hybrid content, as well as Vekol Waterfront – the first “business-only” open concept on Sava riverbank in which businessmen will be able to enjoy privacy and comfort.

“After the period of heavy global crisis, I deeply believe in further development of congress tourism in Serbia, which has the potential to become one of the main engines of our domestic economy and as such deserves to become national strategic focus. In the meantime, we will continue with the global promotion of the destination in new, changed circumstances “, said Tanja Bogdanov, founder and Managing Partner of the company.

“Our hand-in-hand cooperation with Vekol DMC lasts for full 12 years now and during all that time they have remained the most innovative partner company we work with. I come from a large team of 300 people in which the average number of employees is only 27. When you work with such a young workforce, you must always reinvent yourself and bring some new energy. I am beyond happy that the period of physical distancing is hopefully behind us and I’m excited that we are able to start working on our new projects, because young people have the need to dress up, they want to share experiences, to socialize”, said Marija Pavlović, Director of Human Resources of KPMG.

High fashion designer Verica Rakočević also hopes that a period of normalization of the social life is ahead of us: “I always try to think forward and beyond any boundaries, so finding a suitable business partner for me that will get out the comfort zone and not hesitate taking risks is very challenging. At Vekol DMC, I found people who think alike and whose ideas wonder far beyond the borders of this country. It will be difficult to do something even bigger than the first ever hybrid fashion show in the Balkans, with which we definitely made history in 2020, but we are working on it intensively, eager to again embrace normality”, Rakočević concluded.

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