Why Belgrade

You've Probably Never Been

Are you fed up with look-alike capitals? Condemned to the same fate – H&Ms, McDonalds and Starbucks – European capitals are all drop dead gorgeous but worn-out. Globalization – an inevitable trait of the new millennium – is slowly taking its tool. Belgrade on the other hand, is probably a city you’ve kept putting off your travel bucket list.

But while overcrowding is not yet an issue, don’t get too comfortable: with Serbian capital re-establishing itself as a hub of Southeast Europe, the time is right to be experiencing its addicting pace before it too becomes overrun with package-holiday crowds.

The City Next Door

A cosmopolitan lovechild of the East and the West, Belgrade is conveniently tucked in the middle of the Balkans, only a short and comfortable flight away from any major European city. More than 400 direct international flights per week make Serbian capital the busiest airfare knot of the Southeast Europe.

Also, Serbia advocates visa-free entry policy that allows citizens of as many countries possible to visit without previously having to obtain a visa. All European Union citizens, as well as the citizens of the Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Canada, and the United States can enter Serbia using only their passports.

Safety First

In a world threatened by terrorism more than ever, Belgrade is a very safe place to stay and has no track record in terrorist-linked attacks of any kind. Its crime rate is downright low, especially when compared to other European cities of its size.

Serbian capital does exceptionally well in both digital and personal security. No matter the time of day or night, it’s perfectly safe for anyone – man, woman or child – to browse the streets alone without the smallest fear of harassment.

"The Capital of Cool"

The world has set its sights on Belgrade! For a good reason, this landlocked jewel blends timeless tradition and cutting edge cool – and it does it with style. Step aside Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona – make room for the new coolest kid from the block!

Outspoken, provocative and audacious – Belgrade is by no means a “pretty” capital, but its gritty exuberance makes it one of the most happening places in Europe, according to the world media from Lonely Planet to BBC and NY Times.

Home Away From Home

The city is only a bunch of bricks and concrete without its people. Belgrade is not about sights, places or monuments. Sure, we have plenty of those. But Belgrade is all about the people! No visitor is ever left to feel like an outsider anywhere in Serbia.

In fact, quite opposite – he’s more likely to be accepted and treated as a close and dear relative. If you make the effort to get on with the locals, you’ll see that they are nothing but warmhearted, friendly folks who will go out of their way to help you.

Upscale Brand Hotels

Luxury hotels might not be at the top of your mind when thinking about Serbia, but here’s the twist: as the country is an emerging MICE destination, many of the major luxury hotel chains are expanding their European presence to Belgrade. The numbers are skyrocketing: in 2018 we welcomed Hilton, Mama Shelter and St. Regis coming very soon in the hood!

Meanwhile, make sure you’ve checked out some of the other top-notch establishments sought out for both business and retreat needs, offering cutting-edge design, outstanding meeting capacities and world-renowned hospitality at some of the most prestigious downtown locations!

Chic Boutique Properties

Ever since the first posh boutique hotels started popping out at Manhattan in the mid ’80s, they remain a living proof that nothing beats individual, one-to-one service. Built by world standards to enrich your travel experience with a true sense of place, Belgrade’s boutique hotels are designed to meet the needs of those looking for ultimate privacy, quality and taste.

Tucked inside the bustling cityscape, these classy establishments are located a stone’s throw away from the city’s major attractions, bringing a fresh layer of charm to the historic downtown. The best part? Superb service, luxury bed linen and edgy design all come at affordable prices in Belgrade – without ever feeling cheap.

Fun & Easy Day-trips

The hotbed of two million radiates with enough buzz to keep you amused for days, but it’s also more than conveniently situated for easy day-trips to the gorgeous Serbian countryside or some of the nearby places. Take “Novi Sad” for example – calm, gracious and easygoing, this classy European city has all the spoils and none of the stress of the Big Smoke.

Surrounded by vineyard-draped lowland, the primordial beauty belongs to Central Europe for its location and cosmopolitan spirit. Oh, and… Novi Sad might be home for the most sought-out summer music festival in this part of the world, but music aside – it would still be one of the most lovable travel destinations in Europe even if it were stone silent!

Stay Connected

Serbia embraced the ‘digital-nomad’ lifestyle and did quite a decent job when it comes to internet development in recent years; that’s why it’s very common to have free and unlimited access to open high-speed Wi-Fi networks everywhere, to the surprise of foreign tourists.

Enjoy internet and charging outlets at countless cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and other public places throughout Serbia. It might sound completely opposite of trying to unplug on vacation, but it allows you to move around while working remotely or posting A-grade Instagram photos along the way.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Belgrade has been trying to get rid of a ‘wild nightlife’ tag, but maybe the time is right to embrace it: Serbian capital IS the ultimate paradise for party people! Today, the city may be years behind other European capitals regarding the economic development, but it is literally light years ahead when it comes to nightlife.

Once in Belgrade, you’ll quickly learn that every night is Friday night! A true distinctive feature of the city is its youthful population that makes its many corners cheerful, time relative, and nightlife legendary. Serbs are widely known for being intense, passionate, friendly and above all else, extremely welcoming. It’s up to you to find out why!

Feel like visiting Belgrade?

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