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Foreign investments HOTSPOT

Serbia has one of the Europe’s highest densities of foreign investment in just about every single imaginable industry, according to 2017 research. In the last seven years, the country has attracted more than €21 billion of inward overseas investment.

World-class companies and hotel chains are apparently very attracted to Serbia’s flattering geo-strategic position, no-end-in-sight growth rates and strong yields. Coupled with the likelihood of prices to cool down, foreign investors are expected to continue capitalizing on the upsides of the country reestablishing as the central hub of East Europe.


Serbian meal a day keeps the doctor away! The choice is overwhelming in a country where hedonism is the way of life. Forget the architecture – food is where cultures truly collide in Serbia. For majority of national cuisine specialties such as “ćevapi”, “kajmak”, “sarma” or “gibanica”, you won’t find the right word in English dictionaries, nor is there a similar taste they can be compared to.

The Strauss-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires may be long gone, but their stodge lingers on, making Serbian cuisine a strong fusion of an overwhelming variety of tastes, mostly based on heavy, but nutritious and protein-rich dishes. Serbs do juicy, luscious and homemade exceptionally well; therefore – whether you crave sweet, spicy or healthy – delicious bites are found absolutely everywhere, from fancy fine-dining restaurants to street takeaways.

Than It Can Handle

At the very crossroad where Europe meets Middle East, cradled in the heart of Balkans on the territory with “too much history per square mile” – this landlocked jewel is home to a magical mash-up of Oriental reflection and modern West spirit, giving it its unique and lovable character. Follow the footsteps of Serbian people ever since the first written records, up until the most recent events that are still debated among historiographers.

The country’s glorious past which spans over a period of thousands of years is often overshadowed by the outbreak of the late 20th-century conflicts that once again turned the world attention to the Balkans. The story about Serbia takes you throughout the rise and fall of an era that shaped the region as we know it today, all the way to the third millennium fragile democracy. The intriguing stories reveal mind-blowing facts about housing, education, media, propaganda, religion and economy in people’s day-to-day lives, how they dealt with unheard-of difficulties and why their spirit is never still.

Gracious NATURE

Virtual reality, self-driving cars and smart cities – we’re so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming our next nature. City crowds and traffic jams are taking their toll on your mind and you don’t even know it. Serbia is the place to take a step back from feeling drained and immerse yourself in stunning landscape, at the same time staggering and graceful.

With over 200 sunny days a year, Serbia is at its most pleasant between early spring and late fall when its beauty skyrockets. Whether it’s endless slopes and over-falls of the second deepest canyon in the world after the iconic Colorado in the United States or the colorful countryside – everywhere you turn your head to is a gorgeous site to behold.

Competitive RATES

Goods and services in Serbia are considered very affordable by European and US standards. The country offers a surprisingly good value for money, according to the words of every new comer in town.

During the low season you can get exceptionally good deals at some of the city’s classiest places, so it’s worth visiting even if you are a so to speak, budget traveler. The prices at restaurants, cafes and bars are largely considered to be very reasonable as well.

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