Forget about diamonds.
Memories are forever.

We know meeting professionals are charged with countless responsibilities when planning gatherings in far-away places. This is why we help them envision, design and shape their travel experiences. We believe in smart solutions and a healthy CAN-DO attitude. It’s 2020, forget about diamonds. Memories are forever.

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Raw, grungy and full of character, Serbia is Europe put in a blender, shaken and stirred. So for a taste of something old, something new and pretty much everything in between - take an additional day or two to explore this combo of old-school glamour and a new wave grit. What country lacks in size, it makes up in things to discover.

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50 Shades
of Grey

Situated at the crossing point of Eastern and Western empires, Belgrade often looks like an Eastern European cousin of some German metropolises. Yet, look beyond its troubled, uneasy past and you will find vibrant, strikingly attractive pedestrianized streets and some old messy charm along the riverbank of Danube. "Belgrade" might literally translate as "White City", but Serbian colorful capital is RED HOT.

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