Navigate Your Brand In post-COVID19 Landscape

The world is a messy place. If it isn’t a nasty pandemic raveling things up, it’s either politics or some other controversial issue. The social landscape has never been more rocky or complicated.

The sudden urge for explosion of skills we needed to offer to our clients in order for everybody to stay on top of their game, served us as an impulse to make radical, yet pretty expected and logical in-house migration. 


VEKOL DMC remained fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic and today more than ever we stay dedicated to helping businesses get through this accelerated digital makeover and grow their revenue through the power of experience design.

Great news: events and experiences are no longer bound by physical spaces! Given the harsh challenges brought about by the pandemics, remote events are now the very best (or, in certain places, indeed only) way brands can deliver evolving experiences to their audience. As physical gatherings remain constrained in various ways: travel restrictions, venue limitations, budget considerations, host-related issues and more, hybrid events offer businesses a much better way to leverage the real power of their events and rope in a larger audience.

We have built an all-in & ready-to-use customizable broadcast studio where we offer you hybrid experience design and a professional TV production. DHC Vekol studio layouts are flexible to cover live streaming of wide range of events, from round-tables to fashion shows. A creative team of film directors, producers, professional TV hosts and cinematographers are there to take care of the studio set up, scriptwriting and editing, graphics, visual engineering, animated backgrounds, augmented reality, holograms and most essential ingredient: engagement that will turn your Audience Journey into an exceptional user experience.
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