Kicking off a new era: Sava Center’s revival!

Exciting news from Belgrade in the world of events! We’re thrilled to unveil the awe-inspiring transformation of Sava Center, now standing as not just a venue but a colossal congress, cultural, and business hub, leaving an indelible mark not only in Serbia but across Southeast Europe.

Let’s dive deeper into this incredible journey…

Originally conceived by the visionary Stojan Maksimović and constructed between 1977 and 1979, Sava Center has been a symbol of architectural excellence, earning a nomination for the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

Since Delta Holding assumed ownership in November 2021, an ambitious and comprehensive reconstruction project unfolded in December 2021, backed by a colossal investment exceeding 118 million euros. The result? A Sava Center poised for a grand resurgence!

Sava Center’s redesign is not just about transformed space; it’s about experience. The incorporation of distinctive congress-cultural and business-commercial zones is a game-changer. Premium office spaces with inspiring public areas, optional terraces, and unparalleled city-center proximity make these offices truly exceptional.

Remarkable Features:

  • The iconic Blue Hall now seats an impressive 3,800 visitors, expanded to accommodate VIP lodges for an even more exclusive experience.
  • Over 40 modern meeting rooms cater to diverse needs, becoming the preferred choice for seminars, presentations, and conferences.
  • Two state-of-the-art multifunctional halls, including the expansive Central Congress Hall and an immersive hall, redefine event possibilities.
  • Exhibitors rejoice with over 8,000 m² of exhibition space, firmly establishing Sava Center as the prime venue for large exhibitions.

🌐 The November 2023 reopening isn’t just a local event—it’s a global announcement! Sava Center reclaims its title as the largest congress center in Southeast Europe, signaling a new era in the regional congress industry. The significant investment by Delta Real Estate underscores its commitment to extending the venue’s value beyond national borders.

🌿 Beyond being a venue, Sava Center emerges as an icon of sustainability! With over 17,000 m² of greenery seamlessly integrated, cutting-edge energy-efficient systems, and an array of 912 solar panels, it’s not just reducing its carbon footprint but aiming to cut energy consumption by 50%. This translates into saving an estimated 226 tons of CO2 emissions—an impressive commitment to sustainability in the events industry, confirmed by the BREEAM certification.

🗓️ On November 9th, Sava Centar opened its doors to the media, offering an exclusive look into the two-year renovation journey culminating in a spectacular inauguration last week. The event spotlighted the region’s most immersive hall, adorned with cutting-edge technology—a true testament to Sava Center’s commitment to innovation. Marking a significant milestone, the venue successfully welcomed its debut event on November 14, hosting the 14th European Nutrition Conference ENC-FENS 2023.

Celebrate the fusion of history and innovation at the region’s largest congress center! 🌍



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