M2M: Mission Possible


M2M Event consisted of two parts: a 2-day conference at the Top of the Hub – a remarkable location, as well as a themed 007 BOND dinner party at one of the most prominent city dining venues. DMC Vekol took care of the entire concept design and execution: from handling online sign-ups for all 250 delegates, all the way to the fireworks.

Deutsche Telekom needed a brand new concept for their annual event in 2013 and that’s where DMC Vekol stepped in! The 25th story of a multi-tenant skyscraper and tallest freestanding glass tower in Serbia, serves as one of the Belgrade’s top hotlist locations for events and other corporate purposes. The building’s high ceilings, contemporary design and  thrilling panoramic view on the city fortress provide a truly unique experience. 


M2M Annual Conference


Deutsche Telekom


May 2013


Tanja Bogdanov

With Daniel Craig softening his stance on the issue if he’ll be the one hitting big screens in the next James Bond sensation, we wouldn’t let this event put up with the anticipation as we’ve turned one of the Belgrade’s hottest venues into Casino Royal and make an ultimate 007 party! Our 250 delegates entered the place down on a red carpet, followed the footsteps of Sean Connery and engaged in a thrilling world of olives on sticks, Austin Martins and espionage.


Besides appropriate secret agent party ware, tuxedos, giant martini glasses and red carpets, the event definitely didn’t come short of activities, as each guest was given a cup filled with roulette and blackjack chips, creating a friendly competition which kept everyone entertained for hours!

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