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We know meeting professionals are charged with countless responsibilities when planning gatherings in far-away places. This is why we help them envision, design and shape their travel experiences. We believe in smart solutions and a healthy CAN-DO attitude.

The right DMC can be of invaluable help to a corporate planner who has been charged with travel, meeting, entertainment and other responsibilities for hosting an out-of-town event. We ditched the boring 9-to-5 only to be your saving grace with all hospitality-related services in Serbia.


We're DMC Vekol

... and this is our story

What started small, as the simple idea to bring the world to Serbia and Serbia to the world, has grown to be the leading single-source service provider in town, specialized in MICE. Ever since becoming the very first registered and licensed DMC in Serbiaway back in 2002, we’ve been proud to pioneer and redefine business travel management, as well as reinvent how people see our country.


Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress – working hard for something you love is called passion. Serbia is a love-it-or-leave-itdestination that craves utter dedication, creativity and fine tuning in order to actually make your DMC business last. It has worked for us in the past two decades because we are so genuinely obsessed with making our country and its charms look as worthy and attractive to foreigners as it does to us, locals.

A true DMC is much more than a mediating agent – it offers you deep knowledge about the newest venues, major trends and hidden gems at the destination, opening a whole range of possibilities an ordinary outsider would have never dreamed about. Having DMC Vekol as a local expert, you can be certain all your choices are well thought-out and double-checked. We never make promises lightly; however – our trustworthy relationship with local suppliers will not only dodge you from unnecessary formalities, but also secure you with optimized service and much better value for every penny invested. So, negotiating matters. Rates vary greatly, so we make sure you obtain the best deals all year round, thanks to our long-term partnership with reliable local suppliers.

Furthermore, as owner-managed company we enjoy some awesome perks, one of them being capable of MICRO-tailoring in order to bring your most delicate desires to life. When in charge of a project, the same Project Manager will supervise the execution start to finish, from working on the initial proposal to final billing, always in full accordance with the negotiated rates. No hidden costs, no information retained.Last but not least, we are always calm and good-humored. No grumpy attitude, no sugar-coating, no filters, no sticks-and-string solutions. Great things in life don’t cut corners and neither do we. We are proud to unfold the new generation of relationships between agencies and their respected DMCs that rely on a single holy word: TRUST.

Raw, grungy and full of character, Serbia is Europe put in a blender, shaken and stirred. So for a taste of something old, something new and pretty much everything in between – take an additional day or two to explore this combo of old-school glamour and a new wave grit. What country lacks in size, it makes up in things to discover.



Situated at the crossing point of Eastern and Western empires, Belgrade often looks like an Eastern European cousin of some German metropolises. Yet, look beyond its troubled, uneasy past and you will find vibrant, strikingly attractive pedestrianized streets and some old messy charm along the riverbank of Danube. “Belgrade” might literally translate as “White City”, but Serbian colorful capital is RED HOT.


  • 1998

    Vekol started to work as Vekol Tours. First foreign citizens to Serbian Spas, development of Etno Fairs, first Chinese groups. We started to prepare Serbia for incoming business

  • 2002

    We are officially first Serbian DMC. Our mission is to show Serbia on some another way tot he people who want to see it. Our goal is to set standards on the local market, always to be leaders and Neve to do outgoing or regional tours.

  • 2019

    Pandemic started. It had to be the best year from beginning. More than 3mil EUR valued contracts. When we saw that everything will be stopped, we decided to continue to grow.

  • 2021

    2021 DMC Vekol transformed to Vekol DHC, integrating all services from DMC, including PCO, Hybrid Events, Studios, Consulting, Coaching, Marketing & PR and Vekol Waterfront, place fo business retreats. We are keeping our decision from 2002.

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