STADA takes Montenegro!

For the TechOps Global Team Meeting 2022 under the cheerful slogan “Bringing everyone together” we had an honor to host Ann Daniels – a record-breaking polar explorer and a renowned TED speaker – the first women ever to take both North and South Pole. The discussion continued next to the walls of the Old Town of Budva under the sound of waves, while enjoying seafood specials. What a night!

No matter whether you enter Boka by land or by sea – your experience will be the same – Boka Bay will fascinate you! It looks as if the mountains have cracked and let the sea flow right in and then bended over the thin coastline protecting it from the severe climate from the north. For this unique speedboat experience we visited The Island Our Lady of the Rocks – one of two gorgeous miniature islands in the bay of Boka, overlooking the Old city of Kotor and enjoyed a private klapa concert in the WW2 secret underwater tunnel!

And what better way to wrap up the entire Montenegro experience than one epic disco-themed pool party with a 360 degree view on the Old Town of Budva? Two DJs, disco curtains and disco accessories were enough that this dance battle lasts late into the night!

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