Celebrating Milestones: China Road and Bridge Corporation Anniversary Lights Up White Palace in Belgrade

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), a leading player in infrastructure development, commemorated a significant milestone with a splendid anniversary celebration held at the iconic White Palace in Belgrade. The event brought together esteemed guests, including representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure, and featured a captivating 3D mapping performance that left attendees in awe.

Honoring Collaboration: Ministry of Infrastructure in Attendance

The presence of high representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure added a significant dimension to the event. Their attendance not only symbolized the appreciation for CRBC’s contributions to Serbia’s infrastructure development but also highlighted the crucial partnership between the two entities. As speeches and accolades resonated within the palace walls, it was evident that the event was a platform for acknowledging the transformative impact of joint endeavors.

3D Mapping: A Captivating Visual Spectacle

The CRBC anniversary celebration wasn’t just about looking back; it was also a statement of the company’s commitment to future progress and innovation. As the evening progressed, attendees were treated to a captivating display of 3D mapping, which turned the White Palace’s facade into a canvas of light and color. This innovative entertainment showcased the journey and accomplishments of CRBC through visually stunning projections. The 3D mapping performance was met with wonder and applause, making it a highlight of the celebration.

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