MASTERVERSE Belgrade 2023 Powered by Revlon: A Celebration of Creation

MASTERVERSE Belgrade 2023 (successor of the iconic The Style Masters Show) – the pure extravaganza celebrating creativity and innovation in the world of hairstyling and beauty – descended upon Belgrade this September with a dazzling display of talent and style. Powered by the iconic beauty brand Revlon Professional, the event was nothing short of spectacular, drawing over 1000 hairdressers from the Southeast Europe.


The event, known for its flair and innovation in the world of hairstyling, showcased the latest trends and techniques that are poised to influence the hair and beauty industry for the foreseeable future. With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of hairstyling creativity, this year’s show lived up to its esteemed legacy.


Two titans of the hairstyling world, Manuel Mon and Robert Masciave, were the stars of the event, sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with the eager audience. Their presence added an extra layer of inspiration to an already electrifying atmosphere.


The creative genius behind the Style Masters Show in Belgrade was none other than Miguel Garcia, VP of Revlon Professional, who hand in hand with DMC Vekol as a renowned creative agency brought the event to life. With their meticulous planning and artistic vision, Revlon and DMC Vekol transformed Belgrade into a hub of beauty and fashion, setting the stage for new standards for innovation and inspiration in the beauty industry.


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