VISA SEE Forum 2023 Set Sails in Montenegro

Cashless Horizons: VISA’s Success Shines in Montenegro’s Business Forum 2023


This June we chose the picturesque landscape of the tiny Adriatic pearl Montenegro to play host for a remarkable event that brought together financial industry’s brightest minds – VISA South East Europe Business Forum 2023. With an impressive assembly of 150 general managers representing banks across the region, this forum marked the new era in cashless payments. Alongside, attendees had the chance to unwind through a splendid social program featuring a speedboat cruise in the breathtaking Boka Bay, all while experiencing the luxurious comfort of the brand new Hyatt Regency property.

Diving Deep into the Cashless Future

Through insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions, and collaborative sessions, the forum encapsulated the spirit of innovation that defines the financial sector today. The event’s main theme – cashless payment – underscored its relevance in our increasingly digital world.
The discussions centered on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the realm of electronic payments. As experts delved into topics ranging from security to technological advancements, attendees gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly influence their institutions’ strategies and offerings in the days to come.


Beyond Business: A Taste of Montenegro’s Splendor

While the forum provided a platform for professional growth and discourse, it also recognized the importance of fostering connections outside the boardroom. We carefully curated a one of a kind social program that allowed attendees to indulge in the beauty of Montenegro’s Boka Bay through a thrilling speedboat cruise. This unique experience not only offered a memorable break from the conference sessions but also facilitated networking in a relaxed and picturesque setting.

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