FC Freiburg Takes the Field in Belgrade: A November UEFA Showdown

FC Freiburg was set to grace the vibrant city of Belgrade in November 2023! As the German football giants embark on their journey to the Serbian capital, they don’t just face off against local talent; they’re experiencing a seamless blend of sport and hospitality!

November 2023 promised to be a memorable month for football enthusiasts in Belgrade as FC Freiburg, a stalwart in the German football scene, descended upon the city.


The clash was not only a test of skill on the field but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and community celebration.


From touchdown to kick-off, we have meticulously planned every aspect of FC Freiburg’s visit. Transportation, accommodation, and training facilities have been curated to meet the highest standards, allowing the players to focus solely on their game while immersing themselves in the vibrant energy of Belgrade. At DMC Vekol we always go beyond the pitch, offering FC Freiburg’s A team a taste of Serbian culture. Whether it’s exploring historical landmarks, savoring local cuisine, or experiencing the city’s renowned nightlife, the players are set to create memories that extend beyond the football field.

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