Breaking Barriers: Tackling Ageism at the 7th SEE Conference of Institutions for Equality

Empowered by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the 7th Regional Conference of Institutions for Equality dedicated to ageism as the hot topic for 2024, convened at Metropol Palace hotel in Belgrade, setting the stage for transformative discussions and collaborative strategies.


The conference delved into the heart of ageism, unraveling its nuanced layers and exploring the various ways it permeates societies. Panel discussions together with expert presentations illuminated the challenges faced by different age groups, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies to promote understanding, empathy, and equal opportunities for all.


One of the conference’s defining features was the spirit of collaboration that transcended national borders. Institutions from diverse countries in Southeast Europe shared their insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to address ageism in their respective communities. The collective effort underscored the shared commitment to fostering a more inclusive and age-friendly region.


The OSCE Mission to Serbia, recognized for its commitment to promoting human rights and fostering a climate of inclusivity, spearheaded the initiative to address ageism—a concern often overshadowed in conversations about discrimination. The Regional Conference emerged as a beacon for change, inviting institutions from across Southeast Europe to join forces in combating age-related biases.


In the words of Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the protection of equality of Serbia: the journey against ageism continues, paving the way for a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

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