Hemofarm’s New Year Gala: How We Transformed Radisson Piazza into a Winter Wonderland

In a dazzling display of holiday spirit, this December we hosted an unforgettable New Year party at the opulent Radisson Collection Hotel in Belgrade for the pharma giant and Serbian love-brand Hemofarm. The event – attended by over 600 Hemofarm employees, clients and partners – was a grandious affair orchestrated by DMC Vekol with a strong flair of devotion and unity.


A Christmas market, adorned with twinkling lights and festive décor, greeted attendees with an enchanting ambiance. The air was filled with the sweet scents of Christmas delights, while guests were treated to a gastronomic journey through a curated festive market, featuring an array of delectable treats. From open-flame barbecue to cinnamon cookies and other traditional delights, the market showcased the diversity of flavors and culinary expertise, adding a unique touch to the New Year celebration.


Adding an enchanting layer to the festivities, the renowned Belgrade String Quartet took centre stage, infusing the air with the melodic strains of classic and festive tunes. Their soul-stirring performance not only heightened the overall ambiance but also created a harmonious backdrop to the bustling Christmas market.


Hemofarm’s New Year celebration was a grand finale to the year—an occasion that blended elegance, festivity, and the spirit of togetherness. As attendees bid farewell to the old and embraced the new, the event left an indelible mark, setting the tone for a year ahead filled with success, collaboration, and continued celebration in 2024.

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