HEADLINE: FORBES Srbija / Interview with Tanja Bogdanov

The globally renowned American business magazine known for its coverage of business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle is finally in Serbia(n)! Forbes publishes numerous international editions to cater to diverse audiences worldwide and today the brand finally offers insights into the local business landscape, economic trends, and profiles of notable individuals in Serbia.


We are beyond happy that Tanja Bogdanov, the managing partner at DMC Vekol made it to the very first issue of Forbes Srbija. Full article available here.


Q: Has congress tourism in Serbia returned to the pre-corona “branches” or is it even on the rise?

A: The expansion that congress tourism is experiencing in Serbia and Belgrade as a generator of its development is visible to the naked eye. After a period of great challenges and tectonic changes in business modalities that is behind us, I think that Belgrade is deservedly making its way to the very top of the most sought-after European destinations. The arrival of the world exhibition EXPO 2027 will be a quantum leap in this area which will fundamentally transform the way the domestic market approaches receptive business tourism. Full awareness of its immeasurable potential is yet to follow, and as the founder of a company that participated in the very beginnings of the congress industry in this region, I welcome this grand finale with great personal excitement.


Q: Why is it so, how did it happen, what are the reasons for such a trend?

Investments are key factor that decides whether a destination will become an international convention player or not. Airline connections, adequate accommodation facilities and quality of service are a necessity, but not a sufficient prerequisite for the development of congress tourism in a particular environment. From the very moment we became the first ever licensed DMC (destination management company) in Serbia twenty-five years ago, we never ceased the global promotion of Belgrade as a desirable destination, emphasizing at the same time its authenticity and cosmopolitanism.


Q: What is predicted for next year?

All predictions point to another record year. The fact that we are experiencing an investment boom is also extremely impressive to foreign companies, since it sends them a signal about a stable economic and political environment, so interest in the organization of events grows in parallel. It is difficult to give a precise estimate, but we will be able to feel the economic benefits in real time.


Q: What can Serbia offer in the field of congress tourism, do we have the capacity?

Capacities do not develop overnight and the fact that big hotel brands are now attracted is the result of Belgrade’s long-standing struggle to build itself as a modern metropolis. With more than 10,000 rooms in high-categorization properties, we are ready to welcome an increase in the flow of business tourists, but the market is still not saturated and we follow with great impatience every new news about big names announcing investments in our country.


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