Grand Opening of Belgrade Airport and VINCI Airports Annual Convention Make a Spectacular Triumph

The Belgrade skies were painted with excitement as we celebrated Grand Opening of the Belgrade Airport followed by the VINCI annual convention 2023. The event, marked by an elegant welcome reception hosted at the French Embassy, drew over 200 top managers from VINCI Airports, creating a milestone moment that will be remembered for years to come. As a renowned global player in the airport management and development sector, VINCI Airports has yet again showcased their ability to merge cutting-edge infrastructure with unparalleled hospitality.

A Gala Celebration at the French Embassy

The French Embassy served as the elegant backdrop for the welcome reception, where we first gathered dignitaries from VINCI top management and other esteemed guests from the aviation industry gathered to commemorate the grand opening of the Belgrade Airport. The setting was nothing short of enchanting, as the rich history of the embassy blended seamlessly with the modern outlook of VINCI Airports.


Over 200 Top Managers Witness History in the Making

More than 200 top managers from VINCI Airports graced the event with their presence, symbolizing dedication that VINCI brings to each project. These esteemed leaders, representing various sectors within VINCI, traveled to Belgrade from around the world to witness the fruits of their labor. For most, this visit to Belgrade marked their first encounter with the city’s unique charm and vibrancy. As they explored the streets and experienced the local culture, it was evident that Belgrade’s potential for growth aligns perfectly with VINCI Airports’ vision for innovation and advancement.


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